I had the pleasure of going to the Barbican in London to see their latest exhibition ‘Pop Art Design’. It was an amazing exhibition exploring the exciting time of the Pop Age, it’s well worth a visit. Favourites include pieces from the artists Roy Lichtenstien, Peter Blake and of course Andy Warhol. After my trip to the museum I headed into town and noticed a real celebration of Pop Art on the high street.

American Apparel had provocative, fun lip pattern in their window and a direct link with the Barbican exhibition. The overall effect was iconic and had great standout on the hight street.

Lush (fresh handmade cosmentics brand) had a Pop Art take for their Christmas campaign and their packaging. It has great stand out and I love the use of neon bringing zing to christmas.

Campbell’s together with the Andy Warhol exhibition have created a limited edition packaging for their tomato soup, inspired by the artist’s paintings. I was lucky enough to find them in my local Sainsbury’s store. I bought quite a few and now have them featured in my kitchen.

I love the packaging, these would look fabulous under your Christmas tree.
The lips are really iconic and have great standout.

Barbican 'Pop Art Design' PosterAmerican_apparel_2LUSH_Pop_1LUSH_Pop_2LUSH_Pop_3

The Lush pagaging also has the ‘Pop Art’ theme, tying the whole campaign together.



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