Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I’ve only got a few campaigns to show you. I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed  with the Mother’s Day Campaigns this year. My favourite by far was Selfridges, it had a bright, fresh fun uplifting feel and didn’t feel too old and stuffy (which Mother’s Day can do). The campaign headline celebrates the mum ‘My Marvellous Mum’ supported by quirky charming illustrations of mums doing there thing.

SELFRIDGES_Mothers_Day_2014_2SELFRIDGES_Mothers_Day_2014_3SELFRIDGES__Mothers_Day_2014_1SELFRIDGES_Mothers_Day_2014_4SELFRIDGES_Mothers_Day_2014_5I also really like the Primark campaign, it had a retro feel with black and white photography, surrounded by cute kid pictures. The campaign has a cheeky headline ‘Mum’s are always right’ something I’m sure my Mum will agree with.


House of Fraser took a more conservative and grown up approach, taking inspiration from vintage perfume packaging. The sentiment of ‘Let her know how special is lovely. I liked the idea, but it it didn’t really have standout in store.

HOUSE OF FRASER_1_mothers_day_14

ASDA had a massive aisle take over and definitely stood out in store. The campaign had a simple spring like feel with bright blue background, polker dots and flowers. The headline had a personal feel ‘Just for you Mum’. There was a wide choice of gifts and cards, with strong call-outs for more choice on their website.


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