Gap – new and improved

I was walking past Boxpark in Shoreditch and saw Gap had a pop up shop there. What better way to get noticed than being in Boxpark the perfect mix of quirky boutiques and bigger fashion labels. Intrigued I went in side for a close look, there was a really cool range of denim classics but with a twist. They had also complemented the clothing with lifestyle products like coffee table books, so you really got the idea you were buying into a lifestyle not just looking at clothing. I did fall in love with a beautifully illustrated bomber jacket, which I’m currently regretting not buying.

This new experience made me reappraise the brand. I’ve since discovered Gap has a new Creative Director ‘Rebekka Bay’ former Creative Director of stylish, minimalist fashion brand COS (one of my favourites) an offshoot brand of H&M.

I’ve recently been back into Gap into and bought a few pieces including a cropped denim jacket (retro styled) and what they are best known, a couple of classic t-shirts. And the bonus was that I managed to get 30% off with their spring promotion. Gap is now firmly back on my radar and hope to discover some amazing new pieces soon!


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