The London illustration Fair

I had a very creative weekend last weekend and was lucky enough to visit The London Illustration Fair in Hoxton. This event is a showcase for illustrators, artists and printmakers. There was a real diversity of styles, techniques and subject matter and an abundance of very talented individuals and collaborators. Talent includes David Shillinglaw I’ve been a fan of his for a while and already have one of prints up in my house. I was also loved the featured artist Ruby Taylor, her style is quirky and very charming, she worked on the fair’s promotional material.

The event had a totally tropical, festival vibe and the weekend had sunny weather to match. The venue was decorated with watermelon bunting and paper pineapples – the perfect backdrop to show off all the work.

My favourite exhibit was The Print Wagon at the front of the event, from Aidan Saunders a recent graduate.  He had a fun and clever approach to promoting himself, he’s currently touring the country with his print wagon. You could buy newly printed works from the back of the wagon. We opted for a few of his mono lino prints, my favourite is framed below.

To find out more about the event, the creatives and a video from Ruby Taylor click here.



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