Jamie at Gatwick

Airports can quite often be stressful places where you just want convenience and speed. Last week I discovered Jamie Oliver’s restaurant and bar Union Jacks, a place where you want to stay longer, it was welcoming, fun and had good food.

The decor is rustic wood with a mix decadent chandeliers and industrial lights which has an eclectic feel. Some if the wood has retro travel prints on which I love. This place really helps you set off in style.


JAMIE_OLIVER_GATWICK_22JAMIE_OLIVER_GATWICK_15JAMIE_OLIVER_GATWICK_17JAMIE_OLIVER_GATWICK_14JAMIE_OLIVER_GATWICK_16JAMIE_OLIVER_GATWICK_12Cleverly mixing his own label products in with known brands, Jamie’s packaging has great standout. There is also a small gift section by the tills the perfect position making the most of impulse buys.

Union Jacks is just opposite the restaurant, it has a bit more of a fun, retro feel. I particularly love the use of dinosaurs, the illustrations are brilliant and a bit random. There are also amazing printed tiles also with dinosaurs on, I’d love to have these in my kitchen.



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