Trader Joe’s illustrated cool

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Florida recently, where I came across a couple of stores that I loved. This is the first one and my favourite ‘Trader Joe’s‘, (there are others to follow). ‘Trader Joe’s‘ is a quirky supermarket selling innovative foodie products under the ‘Trader Joe’s name. The store is a like an art exhibition, the walls have been covered in commissioned works from a local artist. All of the pricing labels around the store have been hand drawn by the store staff, who all spend a portion of they day drawing the signs at the back of the store.

The whole vibe is definitely fun! The staff wear Hawaiian shirts, (unfortunately I didn’t get a photo) and one of the murals has a surfing chicken with a lay, ideally located above the eggs. Everything about the store is cool, from the cool signage to the bell they ring when you’re a first time customer, which I got very excited by as a new customer.

I had so much fun in the store I wanted the experience to last, so I left the store with several of their illustrated tote bags.


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