Dotty about Target

I’m a keen follower of Target on instagram they always post the most amazing, bright and iconic photography which always inspires me. I got the opportunity to go into my first Target store a couple of weeks ago and wasn’t disappointed. The window posters really set the scene for me, with bold geometric patterns mixed with simple photography shot on white backgrounds. The effect was imagery which is instantly Target and felt fresh and contemporary.

Inside the store it was clear this is very much a good value for money store and value and price promise hit you as you enter. Their summer campaign was a fun collaboration with Snoopy which was in the entrance and a dedicated space at the back of the store. The headline ‘Hooray for fun’ certainly puts you in a good mood.

This Target also had a food section, and this was done in way which although sympathetic more foodie values still had the bold iconic Target approach. With striking photography and quirky tone of voice.

I could have spent lots more time in this shop looking around for bargains, especially in the home section.



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