Iceland – lovely lollies

I was pleasantly surprised when I went in my local Iceland. I’m not usually a customer and have not been inside for years. I’ve always thought of Iceland as just a value retailer a place to go for your frozen basics. It’s never seemed that appealing, the food has always looked processed and cheap and the windows had giant in your face £1 signs. I was aware of their new adverts which really embrace a more quality approach, so thought I’d pop in store to see what had changed.

The store point-of-sale interpretation reflects their new direction, playing more on the inspiration side. The window posters are much softer and have a friendly welcoming tone with bright seasonal photography. They’ve got the balance right as they still clearly communicate good prices too – the overall effect is better value for money. The whole environment has a much more fresh and warm feel, with amazing foodie photography rather than food packaging which makes the food seem much more appetising. I was also surprised to see they sold Fruit and Veg and even a Beers and Wines section.

Overall I was really impressed and think it all works extremely well, I’d be really interested to know how this effects their sales.



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