The very best of Waitrose

The launch campaign for the rebranded Waitrose premium range has great cut through in store. The new positioning ‘The very best of Waitrose’ and name ‘Waitrose 1’ is confident and packaging is simple and pared back with on trend whimsical black and white illustrations.

The campaign works really well to showcase the rebranded range, it grabs you as soon as you walk in the door, you can’t miss the vibrant green and giant number ‘1’.

They have merchandised all the products from the range in the entrance. They have even put samples of coffee out so you can experience the aroma. There are call outs throughout the store in all the categories, which really work well.

They also have an introductory offer of 25% off, so I have been taking full advantage. So far my favourite is their dark chocolate and I have bought several bars!


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