Social Shopping

I’ve noticed more and more brands utilising social media in retail, as part or a whole campaign. There’s been a shift in influence in fashion, with shoppers being inspired and persuaded more and more by bloggers (I’ve a few favourites I follow), pinterest and instagram. It’s the unique personal perspective given to the consumer which is the appeal, not just brands telling you how to dress.

Here are a few of examples of social media campaigns I’ve seen.

River Island – Snap and Share

Capitalising on a selfie generation, using snapchat to get customers to help supply content and start conversations and in reward offer a £1000 shopping spree. This was the main campaign in store, featured in the windows, throughout the store and even on the mirrors.



JD Sports –  Be the next face of JD Sports 

Asking Customers ‘Are you ready to step up’ and ‘Are you JD?’ cleverly getting customers to be the brand ambassadors. To take part customers were asked to download their app.


H&M & KENZO Collaboration

To create excitement around the collaboration  between H&M and KENZO, KENZO launched their own emojis with a new app.

The use of emojis is a ever growing trend, one which is not just popular with millennials but also according to AdWeek over 75 percent of those between 25-29 years of age frequently use emojis, and over 68 percent use them in the 30-35 demographic. (from article found on psfk)





I’m a instagram addict and have seen brands like Boden work with a variety of bloggers, using instagram as vehicle to inspire. It’s a tactic which  enticed me to follow Boden as they collaborated with one of the bloggers I follow.



Villoid is an app co founded by Alexa Chung,  it’s an app dedicated to style expression. They describe themselves ‘like having your very own dressing up box’. The app lets you create your own style boards from images you’ve found, which you can then shop from. You can also follow other boards for inspiration and they will even tell you when products you’ve added go on sale. I tried it out myself, it could become quite addictive!


Social media is changing the way we experience brands and ultimately how we shop.

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