Christmas 2016 – the bold, the quirky and the furry

Sorry I’m a bit late getting this post out, it’s been a busy year so far. I always like to get out and see what brands are doing at Christmas, for 2016 I wasn’t disappointed and managed to get to see some great campaigns. Although it did feel like we’d just starting to get festive in stores when all the Black Friday campaigns hit and all the stores started to look very black. It seemed that retailers waited a bit later to get into the  Christmas spirit.

I thought I share my favourites campaigns and windows with you.

debenhams_xmas2016The campaign ‘Found it‘ from Debenhams, built on last years campaign. Their windows were bold, vibrant and festive and the neon light stars were really effective to grab attention. They also managed to layer on different seasonal promotions quite well.


This really wild campaign from The Body Shop is fun and really plays into their strong proposition ‘FOREVER AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING’. Their windows really stood out on the high street, and with an orangutan as the star of the show, what’s not to love.


Merry Happy Kiehl’s! I’m already a fan of the Philadelphia-based illustrator Andy Rementer so was really excited to see this collaboration with Kiehls. The animation in the window was really engaging. The collaboration did not stop there, he’s also been designed some of their packaging. The campaign also translated well into a engagement piece with customers being able to create their own Christmas cards.


I just wanted to give this window display from Diesel a giant hug! It was really fun and memorable, I also love the copy ‘FUR ME, FUR YOU, FUR HOLIDAY, FUR ALL’.



And finally I wanted to share with you these amazing cool Gnomes in River Island. It was a clever campaign as not only did they make you smile, they were also limited edition pieces that were sold off to raise money for the Greenfingers charity. I was very lucky to be bought one for Christmas. The pink selfie gnome now sits on my bookshelf at home.

I look forward to seeing what great ideas 2017 brings.

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