Charity Shop Cool

Charity shops are definitely where it’s at, they can be a real treasure trove of unique vintage finds, with the feel good factor all rolled into one shopping trip. I’ve always been a fan of charity shop shopping and have my local favourites in Worcester Park. The shopping experience is usually the same though, they’re usually old shops that have been simply repurposed with an old shelving unit and you have to have a real rummage to find anything (although I do enjoy that part).

I was really excited to see the brand new store from ‘Royal Trinity Hospice’ on Northcote Road in Clapham Junction, London, it opened on the 3rd June 2017. The store has clearly taking inspiration from retailers like & Other Stories and Urban Outfitters both shops I love. The stock has been carefully curated and the displays are well considered. The fixtures are made from simple raw wood and on trend metal racking, they have an almost utilitarian feel.

The graphics emulate fashion stores with large inspirational photography in feature bays.  The bit Ioved the most was the clever copy, ‘One of a KIND’ and ‘SECOND time lucky’ were my favourite. They were again simple black sans serif type on a white background works really well with the paired back styling of the store. The overall aesthetic really makes the clothing standout.

This new charity shop is following in Mary Portas’ footsteps, Mary Portas’ Charity shops for ‘Save the Children’ charity, have more of a boutique feel but the idea is the same, enhancing the charity shop experience.

Unfortunately I didn’t find anything that took my fancy, although I was probably too excited taking photos of the store to do proper shopping. I’ll have to pop back soon and see what unique pieces they have.


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