About me

Hello, my name is Judy Andrews (not the famous ‘Sound of Music’ actress Julie Andrews). I am obsessed with design and shopping and have been lucky enough to combine the two in my work. I’m freelance Creative Director mainly working in the retail sector, I also have a passion for creating and making things so live and breathe design. I’m a keen runner which helps keep me fit for my long shopping trips. I’m always on the hunt for amazing shops and shop windows, whatever the weather!

Here’s a link to my portfolio www.judyandrews.co.uk

About love windowshopping.com

I’ve a real passion for retail from a customer and design point of view – many would call me a shopaholic, I’ve been known to out shop even the most keen shoppers. I regularly take photos when I’m out and about of shops, cafes and any cool design that I see. So I thought why not share the things I see that I love, so that’s when I created lovewindowshopping.comI hope you enjoy it.

Here are a few of my favourite windows.



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